Conversation 1 : [re]focus

The focus (or subsequent re-focus) conversation at the beginning of the annual cycle identifies the important aspects of your role. The goal is to recognize and select the priority areas and activities that will move you, the team and movement forward in both your development and in seeing movements grow.   The conversation clarifies and helps you and your team leader come to agreement about what the priority areas and activities are.

60 minutes Preparation for team member and leader.  Consider:

  • What is the role?
  • Why does this exist?
  • What are key ministry responsibilities (in light of our team plan)? 
  • What are the personal development priorities?
  • What is essential for professional development?

60 minutes Conversation

  • Discuss the above and complete the Position focus form

Going farther: The team or ministry strategic plan, your Job description and your Personal Development Plan all help inform this conversation.