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Using the Forms

You will find below the three key forms you will probably want to use to agree and record the 3 conversations in the Staff Development Cycle.  The initial “Position Focus form” that your team member will draft ahead of the first conversation, the “Position Focus: refine form” for the mid-year adjustments that need to be made and the “Position Focus: review form” for the end of year assessment.

In addition to these, we have attached 2 forms that provide input into the development aspects of the cycle.  The “360 degree feedback form” is a tool that can be used to gather input for your growth from colleagues and friends.  You might want to adjust the questions to fit your situation.  This input, along with development needs in a person’s role and their own personal development needs can then be incorporated into the “Personal Development Plan”

For further help in making the most of these forms, have a look at the explanations and other resources in the resources for leaders

Click on the relevant form to download:

  Position Focus form   Role Review Questions
  Position Focus: Refine   360 degree Feedback form
  Position Focus: Review   Personal Development Plan



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